Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mood Swing

Assalamualaikum and good day to you

Yeah since I can't express my feelings through Facebook (some people hates an overactive posts), so I'll just post it here.

My feelings lately actually gone awry already, since I broke up in March 2016.

Yeah I'm lying if I said I don'd need someone to love me. Truth is, I need someone but I'm not ready to face the same thing all over again with the trust and loyalty to be falling down the drain.

I met someone, whom I like. Tried to be insensitive to the feelings face by that person, turns out I'm the one with trust issues and I think I'm not ready to face a relationship. I think I'll just face the music and proceed to live my life with my own goals. 

I'm so sorry if I seemed to be cold in other peoples' feeling, but I think I need to be a person who cares more about myself rather than other people.

You know my attitude, I hate liars. Once I was lied to...I can never trust that person anymore. Its time to stop everything because I am tired. 


Lets take some time to recite Al-Fatihah to a dear friend of mine as he already go to meet his maker. Been my friend since many years ago and died in an accident. Only a few know that I still am saddened by this. May u rest in peace my friend.

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