Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fun Facts (Part 1)

Hey guys, here are some facts you need to know about me.

1: I am a silent person, a shy one to most, But when you warm up to me, I can be the loudest person on earth even you are 1km away you can actually hear my voice. Hahaha.

2: I love everything, I mean literally everything and I am a person who's easily excited.

3: I cherished my friends, even though I rarely contact them I surely would remember each and every one of my friends.

4: I forgive, but never forget. I remember everything, I mean everything.

5: I'm 160cm tall and weight 52kg. Pretty slim and petite and yeah I hate my form but I'm grateful to be given all these.

6: I was born on the 4th of July 1989, On USA's Independence Day. But the last time I celebrate it was on 2006, I throw a birthday party but ended up with only 3 person came. After that I never celebrate it again.

7: I always try to be the best to every one, regardless my own self. My weakness is this, while I tried my hard looking after other peoples' feeling I never looked back at what its done to me.

8: I easily fall in love, but too loyal to only one person. Once I like a person, nobody else can try to take me away. And once I got hurt, no one can ever calm me down.

9: I got a small dimple on my right side whenever I laugh or smile too big.

10: I'm a stalker, once I got to know a person I will stalk and stalk until I know who they are.

11: I hate liars, even a small lie can get me irritated and frustrated as if I can never trust the person anymore. So don't be that person.

12: I can hold myself from eating for 3 consecutive days. Yeah, I got a fast metabolism and can eat anything I want without gaining any weight.

13: Once I put something on my mind I can never get it out until its mine or solved.

Well that's all for now. I'll continue with part 2 later. And sorry, been neglecting my essays. Will post them soon.

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