Sunday, September 2, 2012

For you, sincerely from me...

Ive been lost,
Lost on track,
Lost on mind,
And lost on heart.

Until I met you,
With your words,
With your soul,
With your smile,
You bring me to life.

You may not know this,
You may not remember this,
You may not notice it,
But I froze when I met you.

I froze knowing you are real,
I froze knowing who you are,
I froze trying to be the best,
And the hardest of all,
I froze all my mistakes for you,
For you to be happy.

This may not be the best words to you,
This may not make you love me,
But I will always do,

Forgive me,
Forgive me if I am a mistake,
Forgive me if I am a curse,
Forgive me if I am a burden to you,
Forgive me as I tried,
Tried to be the best you ever know.


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