Thursday, March 10, 2011

My First Draft

Dear Readers,

     I know it's not a lot of posts here and some of them are related to me. So here I will try to post a new one, a real post which involves the entire community. But I'm not starting things yet, only this time I want to take time to introduce myself rather than blabbering things that people not sure of.

     I go by the nickname Jet Leonhart. Well, that’s not my real name I presume. I created it thinking it would be cool if people called me by that name. I don’t know how to read people minds, so sometimes it can be hard how people accept me in the real world. Although my face tells me a different side of me, an innocent young boy which kind of corny but I’m not!

     My age is definitely 22 this coming 4th of July. Yes I look young, I get that sometimes. Not bragging but it’s true. My life has its own ups and downs, everyone gets that. Because without it, we would not archive knowledge about the world in front of us and accepting the fact that we are not the only person lives in this world.

     Well, that’s enough about me. And hey, don’t think I never look up at my subscribers. It’s gone up to 42 people, which is not much but I appreciate you guys following me. So here’s a saying I want you guys to use always.

“It doesn’t matter what people think who you are and what you are, because the only person that know you deep inside is God and you yourself.”

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