Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friends, are you real? Or just a fake one?

Wow, never realized how long have I been taking vacation from blogging. Hahaha. I guess looking for a new topic is hard a.k.a lazy to type. LOLz.

Well, this time I'm recommending a real and serious issues about FRIENDS. Yes, all of us have friends alongside us. BUT, are they real or fake? You guess it yourself.

Here, is to me a real and true friends that I would remember to grave ;)

1) They listen to us, and sometimes gives us comment or critique. Whether it's one or both of it, they are the one that can guide us in making big decisions in life.

2) They always makes us feel comfortable. Yep, friends are the one that we can expose and be what we are. Not a hypocrite person when meeting an important person. With friends, no matter what we do they can accept us who we are.

3) Always being there for us. Friends doesn't just looking for us in hard times, but they are besides us whenever we're having trouble eluding our life.

4) Advantages. This doesn't mean when u have friends u can take advantage of them. BUT, sometimes we can't do some things alone and we will going to need help from them eventually. Remember, a good friends always help what they can at times.

5) Not racist. A true friend doesn't chose specific people to be friends with them. What matters is the heart, whether it's kind or bad. Remember that friends are the people that shaped our life in the future.

So, there it is. Take note that I didn't copy this from anywhere, I created this myself and sincerely I love to share this to you all. Thanks again if you are reading this post. Until the next post :)