Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What challenges we faced during this fasting month.

This fasting month gives us many challenges, which means God really loves us and trying to test us how we solve it. I myself been tested and trying to solve it good and slowly. I love my life and I appreciate what God has given me.

As always, you may know me by my face and my MySpace or Facebook. But do you really know my true self? Some of you may not know me...some just add me to increase their friends or they think I'm cute. I'm not a really good fan of that...

Ok, now I wanna talk about fasting...things that cancelled your roza(fasting). Here's some of them:

Masla 1: The fact to eat, to drink, or having sexual intercourse with knowledge, this cancelthe roza. But if they are done by lapse of memory (to forget), the roza is not cancelled.

Masla 2: Smoking cancel the roza.

Masla 3: Something that melts in the mouth such as sugar, salt etc…, if we put it in mouthand swallow the saliva, the roza is cancelled.

Masla 4: If a drip of tears gets in the mouth an dis swallowed, the roza is not cancelled. But if we swallow more than that and we get the salted taste, the roza is cancelled. Same thing for the perspiration.

Masla 5: If food of the size of a gram seed or more is retained in the teeth and is swallowed, the roza is cancelled.

If this food is less than the size of a gram seed, and is taken out of the mouth and then swallowed again, the roza is cancelled.

Masla 6: If someone has a tooth bleeding or having an oral bleeding (from the mouth) and this blood got through the throat, if the quantity of blood is more than saliva, the roza is cancelled. But if the blood is less than saliva an dit gives the taste of blood, the roza is cancelled too.

Masla 7: If someone goes to extract a tooth (dentist) and blood passed through his throat (even if the person is asleep), the roza is cancelled.

Masla 8: If someone washes his mouth (to do the kulli) and let water pass the throat or if someone washes his nostrils and water goes ahead, with the knowledge of roza, the roza is cancelled. Thus, in state of roza, take all precautions whilst washing the mouth and nostrils, also during wazou, avoid gargling the mouth.

Masla 10: To put medicine in nostrills or oil in the ears, the roza is cancelled. If someone washes his ears and that water get into the ears, the rozais not cancelled. If during sleep, someone eats or drinks something, the roza is cancelled. Medical injections also cancel theroza.

Masla 11: If someone keep a sewing thread in the mouth and the saliva changed in colour, if this saliva is swallowed, the roza is cancelled.

Masla 12: If someone voluntarily vomits full mouth, his roza is cancelled. But if he involuntarily vomits full mouth, his roza is not cancelled. If he vomits voluntarily small mouth, the roza is not cancelled. These vomitings are concerning food, bile or blood. In case of spitting  (phlegm) or glaire, the roza is not cancelled whatever the quantity.

P/S: I just finished editing memories of my Diploma class...here's the video if you want to watch it. Take care!!

The Memories of Diploma in Tourism Management July Intake 2007.


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