Monday, August 23, 2010

Being single has it's advantages

The topic tonight might be different than usual. Haha, I never talked about this before in my blog. Maybe it's because my love life sucks to the bottom of the oceans..hahahahah~

Firstly, my love life till now never meet it's standard. Why? Because the longest relationship I've ever had lasted only 3 months. Can you believe it? I don't either, maybe it's my fault...I don't even sure.

So, enough about me. I'm gonna expand the topic now, some people doesn't like being single. To them it just another boring and hectic lifestyle repeating itself every single day. And with a partner, they assume life would be great when they have someone to share it with. Well, I got news for you guys and girls out there. Your world can be great too.

Here's I'm giving you the advantages of being single. Maybe you can use it as the word of the day every time you feel depressed about being single.

Firstly, you can do whatever you want whenever you want to. Yeah, no one will forbid you to do anything you like. No questions asked. And no guilt of doing it either!

Secondly, you can have lots of fun with your friends. No one will butt in and always bugging you whenever you're going out.

Third of all, there will be many people who try to capture your attention and flirt with you. I myself experienced that, but I think I'm not ready yet to have a relationship.

Fourth factor, you can really focus on your career, education, fitness, and goals. You can think everything you want to without having a blockage. Being single can also clear your mind off things you cannot do.

The fifth factor, you have time to improve yourself and become a better person. Yes it is! You can take time to think what have you done in your past relationship and try to change for the better. You can also try to make up all the time you give up with your family and friends.

So there it is, if there are more you can give me. Ideas to put in my blog or anything you can reach me on my Facebook or comment here. For now, take care all. =)


  1. perfect(: i just love the third one. hahaha...