Friday, July 23, 2010

Wow, a lot happened.

I just clashed 2 days it means i'm freakin' single!! Agak sedih ar, but what to do...its not meant to be. I just need to be alone and hang out with friends startin now. I hate to hang out with my juniors at poly, ada yang sombong. Agak terasa ngan perangai masing2, ada yg pentingkan diri sendiri. Ada ke, call pagi2 tanya bila nak dtg poli die nak pinjam my cd...what the fuck~!!

Bukan nak kata sapa2, tapi elok la sket...cari aku time2 susah je..waktu senang lupa kat aku. Penah aku pegi kl, nak pinjam duet dia dulu...tgk2 dia guna duet dia sampai habis. Nasib la aku nya member ada duet lagi...aku geram gile ngan mamat ni...Tuhan ja yang taw perangai dia. Dia xinsaf2...tapi alim...urgh! Sembunyi sebalik alim dia...tahu la dia nak belakangkan member sendiri...dia penah pinjam duet aku, aku xda nak kisah pon. Tp die bayar balik, ok la. But bile aku nak pinjam...dia wat hal!!!

Blog ni jadi tempat lepas geram lak...hahaha...yang aku taw sekarang aku dah xnak pegi poli jumpa mamat tu dah! DVD charmed yang dia pinjam kat aku sekeping tu amik la...aku xheran, boleh download laen!! I'm cutting him out of my life!!!

Tu je kot wat mase skrg..ahahaha...esok nak kuar jap..ngan besfren...ngee~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life on the 'complicated' lane

Hi, been a long time since I updated my blog. So all I can do is update it now...haha. My life has been utmost damn COMPLICATED so far. I got a lover, but it's like I have no lover at all. Wanna know why? Hurm, hard to tell. But she always calls me on the beginning of our relationship.

Then getting more and more distance from each other, she started to work at this factory and never calls me. It's been almost 2 weeks since we contact each other. I just declare myself as single from now. It's like I don't have anyone at all. Sorry to bring up my probs in this blog. Guess it's what I always do when I get upset.

Well, enough with problems. The new story about me, I'm looking for a part time job to fill my free time at home. Ugh, graduation is next's a long months to wait. So, I just have to find jobs for a while. And did you hear, I got a new's Milo. It's so cute and fluffy. I love my always runs around playing in the house. When it's tired, Milo just drop into my bed and it~

Guess it's the only thing that doesn't make me wanna go crazy. The only thing that accompany me when I was alone or bored at home. Haha. Well, that's all for now I guess. I'll be updating soon. If I got good news, you'll hear it at my Facebook or this blog. =)

Movie Reviews

The Twilight Saga : ECLIPSE

At 8th of July I stormed the cinema to watch the premiere of this terrific movie and astonished by it's plot. I love this movie from the beginning of it, and it gets more and more interesting.

I'm not gonna spoil this movie, but I think everyone should watch this movie as soon as it gets out. It's like "missing something big in your life". Hahahaha~!

Don't miss The Twilight Saga : BREAKING DAWN where it has two part, one in the summer of 2011 and the last of this breaking news story at summer of 2012. I love the actors in this movie...ahaks~

Again, watch it...or you'll regret it. Wink~