Tuesday, December 6, 2016

live updates

Life has been much greater so far for me.

I'm tired of working and at the same time I feel happy working with such wonderful people. I'm able to be myself at my workplace I don't have to be a hypocrite 🙂

So, I've been single since March. I couldn't be more happier to get away from that psychotic person whom I call my ex. I hated myself when I'm around that person and who I've become.

So ever since I left, I'm happy and able to focus on myself and my friends. Yes I do feel lonely sometimes, but its better that way rather than being miserable in a relationship before 😎

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mood Swing

Assalamualaikum and good day to you

Yeah since I can't express my feelings through Facebook (some people hates an overactive posts), so I'll just post it here.

My feelings lately actually gone awry already, since I broke up in March 2016.

Yeah I'm lying if I said I don'd need someone to love me. Truth is, I need someone but I'm not ready to face the same thing all over again with the trust and loyalty to be falling down the drain.

I met someone, whom I like. Tried to be insensitive to the feelings face by that person, turns out I'm the one with trust issues and I think I'm not ready to face a relationship. I think I'll just face the music and proceed to live my life with my own goals. 

I'm so sorry if I seemed to be cold in other peoples' feeling, but I think I need to be a person who cares more about myself rather than other people.

You know my attitude, I hate liars. Once I was lied to...I can never trust that person anymore. Its time to stop everything because I am tired. 


Lets take some time to recite Al-Fatihah to a dear friend of mine as he already go to meet his maker. Been my friend since many years ago and died in an accident. Only a few know that I still am saddened by this. May u rest in peace my friend.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fun Facts (Part 1)

Hey guys, here are some facts you need to know about me.

1: I am a silent person, a shy one to most, But when you warm up to me, I can be the loudest person on earth even you are 1km away you can actually hear my voice. Hahaha.

2: I love everything, I mean literally everything and I am a person who's easily excited.

3: I cherished my friends, even though I rarely contact them I surely would remember each and every one of my friends.

4: I forgive, but never forget. I remember everything, I mean everything.

5: I'm 160cm tall and weight 52kg. Pretty slim and petite and yeah I hate my form but I'm grateful to be given all these.

6: I was born on the 4th of July 1989, On USA's Independence Day. But the last time I celebrate it was on 2006, I throw a birthday party but ended up with only 3 person came. After that I never celebrate it again.

7: I always try to be the best to every one, regardless my own self. My weakness is this, while I tried my hard looking after other peoples' feeling I never looked back at what its done to me.

8: I easily fall in love, but too loyal to only one person. Once I like a person, nobody else can try to take me away. And once I got hurt, no one can ever calm me down.

9: I got a small dimple on my right side whenever I laugh or smile too big.

10: I'm a stalker, once I got to know a person I will stalk and stalk until I know who they are.

11: I hate liars, even a small lie can get me irritated and frustrated as if I can never trust the person anymore. So don't be that person.

12: I can hold myself from eating for 3 consecutive days. Yeah, I got a fast metabolism and can eat anything I want without gaining any weight.

13: Once I put something on my mind I can never get it out until its mine or solved.

Well that's all for now. I'll continue with part 2 later. And sorry, been neglecting my essays. Will post them soon.

Food for thoughts

Hi peeps. How are ya? Hope y'all are good.

Its been a while since I posted anything in my blog. I've been busy these past few months (probably years) since I'm working and trying to familiarize with the environment.

So far its been great working with the company which provides many vast and wide beneficial opportunities to learn and help people whomever comes in. I got the opportunity to help people which I like. I just don't like rude and dishonest people, sometimes I got that kind of customers.

Well, I've been coping with loss of friends and families these past years. Explains why I've been silent....I've lost so many people to Him and I think it gave me more holy spirit to come closer to Him. I don't really like to stop hoping, but everything He does, everything He plan for us....it has its reason. We just need to go with the flow.

I don't choose to be alone, and I know He gave me this test because I can be strong. Well to all followers you know how I am when I know a person I'll never let go. So here I am, even though I'm alone I'll try to stand. You try to play with me, I'll just treat you nice regardless as that is what I am.

I'll keep you up to date...there  will be a surprise coming. You guys take care ok.

Just for thoughts . . .

Hey, this essay is for you whomever I gave the link to.

Bayangkan awak mulakan hari dengan langkah yang konfiden dan senyuman yang menawan giteww pergi ke hal ehwal ataupon keje masing2 la. Hahaha, awak memulakan hari awak dengan senyuman...main sembang2 ngan member2, cite gosip itu gosip ini...sampaikan nama saya pon naik dalam gosip awak kan (kurang hajar tol :P). Awak habiskanlah hari awak itu dengan segala kerja yang terbantut di hari sebelumnya. Then dah habis kerja sume, kire nak melepak je la kan...

Jangan terkejut,ini mungkin terjadi. Saya cuma mengingatkan pada awak. Tiba2 ada satu panggilan,awak tidak menjawab panggilan itu. Iyela, unknown number la katakan. Sampai ke malam number tu asyik call awak,ni apehal tak angkat2 ni? Lari dari agen insuran eh? Hahaha. Sampai satu tahap awak dah fedup trus angkat call and maki2 kenapa asyik kacau awak dari ptg tadi...nak rehat pon tak buleh!

RUPA-RUPANYA...itulah panggilan dari keluarga saya.

Awak minta maaf pada diorg sebab tetibe maki2 angkat call. Then awak tanya la kenapa calling2 dari petang tadi? Pelik kan tetibe family saya call awak? Haha,jgn risau. Bace je sampai abes,ngeee.

My family mintak awak bersabar sangat2,tenangkan hati dan istighfar byk2...sebab saya....dah tak ada dah kat dunia ni. Sebab saya meninggal? Itu terpulang kepada yang atas untuk tentukan cara kematian saya,heheh. Saya tak dapat agak perasaan awak masa menerima panggilan ni,tapi awak mungkin orang pertama yang dapat tahu pasal saya,ceh kembang lubang idung kann sebab jadi org first! :P

Family saya minta awak hadir majlis pengebumian saya,ada hal lah katakan (katakau). Jadi awak datanglah,walaupun jauh...yela sebab lepas ni dah xdpt tgk saya berjalan2 merantau dunia dah (boleh gitu?). Awak dtg tgklah jasad saya terbaring atas katil,awak jangan la menangis...saya tak nak tgk awak menangis,kalau awak menangis abes la nnt saya kerjakan awak! Hahaha!

Lepas dah abes semua majlis tu,awak pon ke rumah saya balik untuk tanya kat family saya apa yang penting sangat sampai suruh awak datang tu. RUPANYA,saya serahkan laptop saya dan henfon saya kat awak. Barang lain je saya serahkan kat family,tp barang paling berharga tu saya serahkan kat awak okayh! (sebab awak kawan baik saya dunia akhirat, padahal satu lagi sebab xnak family tgk ape dalam hard disk tu. mampos kalau de pape. hahaha!). Jadi awak bawak balik la barang yang dah saya amanahkan kat awak tu. Awak jaga elok2 tau barang tu. Sebab saya sayangg barang2 tu,tiap2 malam peluk barang tu je. Hihihi.

Walaupun kita dah lama xcontact ke,saya dah menyepi tiba2 tak bermakna saya lupakan awak. Saya ingat semua orang dan saya rindu sangat2 kat semua,hehehe. Awak tak boleh bersedih tau,saya tak suka! Grrr! Awak buka laptop tu tau,saya rasa awak pon tau password laptop tu. Buka dengan berhati2 tau!

Jadi balik tu awak buka la segala barang yang dapat...awak buka henfon,tiba2 ada draft yang mungkin ada hutang saya yang belum langsai tu sbb saya suka simpan dalam henfon kalau saya ada hutang siapa2, mungkin ada pape coretan saya dalam tu. Hihihi, yang penting skali awak buka lah laptop saya...saya tau awak akan menangis...sebab wasiat saya ada dalam laptop (canggih noh teknologi zaman skrg,tak payah dah nak kertas2 semua nih :P ..)

Saya amanahkan awak segala akaun2 saya (FB, Twitter, Tagged, Formspring, Blogger, Gmail, Ymail, live!Mail, etc). Awak jaga la semua akaun saya tu k,jgn buat bende bukan2 tau. Grrr! Hahaha,awak tolong la informkan kengkawan sume pasal saya. Saya taknak diorg tercari2 saya nanti,saya xnak diorg sedih gak tau! Awak hide la ape2 yang patut,delete la ape2 yang patut tau. Hihi,saya percayakan awak sorang je ni.

So awak buat la ape yang saya dah suruh awak buat,tibe2 awak terjumpa satu dokumen khas saya tujukan ntuk awak, menyatakan saya hargai awak sebagai kawan saya dan saya sangat2 sayangkan awak! Ngee. Eh,saya pernah janji ngan awak ntuk jaga awak sampai akhir hayat saya kan...saya minta maaf saya xdpt nak tunaikan sbb saya lama menyepi ngan awak. Awak,saya minta maaf tau...walaupun awak xdengar tp saya xsuka mungkir janji saya. Saya nak awak dengar lagu "The Fray - How To Save A Life". Awak hayati la lagu tu,mendalam maksud dia tau! Ngeee.

Awak,jangan lah menangis...saya sentiasa melihat awak kalau saya masuk ke syurga nanti, InshaAllah. Awak tolong lah jaga diri awak,saya tak nak awak sakit sebab saya nanti. Kalau awak sakit,jaga la...kena la nnt dengan saya tau! Hehehe,ok lah...itu je cerita saya kali ni.

Maaf entry sedih,but untuk renungan bersama...hargailah orang yg berada di hadapan kita sebelum terlambat.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's going on the past years (months, days)..

Agaknya dah terlalu lama aku tak update blog. Mungkin sebab aku rasa agak tidak penting and tak rasa ada orang pon baca blog aku. Hahaha!

Well, guess I should update you guys whats been happening lately.

Aku dalam recovery daripada kena 'kayap ular'. Some people actually make this a big deal sbb katanya kalau ekor dan kepala bertemu boleh membawa maut. So long story short, aku berubat kampung, pantang makan itu ini and now dah sembuh sedikit tapi bisa still ada kat tempat kayap tu.

One more thing, aku tengah aiming nak jadi Flight Attendant atau Cabin Attendant orang panggil. Aku tak tahu kenapa nak jadi sangat, sampai nekad sungguh-sungguh. Aku tak update benda ni dalam status FB, aku tak nak orang pandang hina sbb aku rendah...aku pun tak pasti dapat lepas atau tak untuk jawatan tu. Tapi aku still akan cuba. Ramai juga tengok aku and ckp, aku xmampu atau layak nak ke bidang mcm tu....


entah la, aku minat benda ni dari kecik. Aku suka sangat travel, aku selalu cemburu tengok kawan-kawan dapat explore seluruh pelusuk dunia (except Israel and Antarctica of course). Aku dari kecik ikut ayah aku pegi sana sini sbb dia penceramah untuk Jabatan Penerangan. Sejak dari tu mmg aku minat sangat melancong. And one other reason, bila org ckp jawatan mcm tu kena banyak serve orang dari aspek beverage sampai la attitude. Aku mmg suka pakai formal, and it always make me happy to see people smile. I dont know, I just do like to see people smile when I give my service to them.

Aku sedang cuba naikkan tinggi aku, berat aku, and also appearance aku ntuk interview nnt bulan 6 rasanya. Takda usaha takkan ke mana kan, so aku cuba. Like other people says, mahu 1000 daya tak mahu 1000 dalih. Pray for me guys, coz I know I really need support from all of you (even though aku rasa takda sapa nak baca blog aku ni).

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Video blog Aktif!

Lama dah nak buat video blog, cuma tak ada masa nak buat. Yelah, aku bukannya hot mcm Anwar Hadi and whatnot. Aku biasa sajo, better daripada di judge orang tak tentu pasal. Bhaha.

Alright, without further ado here's my first video...well for this year kot. Haha! Enjoy, maaf suara serak baru lepas sihat demam n mata tak pakai contact lenses. Sekian :)